2nd place

Group Seven

Gabrielle Tonks

I’m confident,fun,honest & loyal.I'm on a journey as a mom of a special needs child & learnt to love people for who they are

Why would you like to win?

To prove that I’m a woman of self confidence aswell as beauty. I believe we should be proud of who we are as women with our heads held high. I’ve been influenced by many beautiful confident women & want to show the forthcoming females that we are beautiful, confident & strong women with all different personalities & flaws.

What would you do with the money if you win?

Id use it to towards getting my daughter extra help/therapy as she has special needs, she’s globally delayed,non verbal so I would use the money for her future towards getting a bigger house to help with her every day life as she going to need me by her side. Also there’s a little something I have up my sleeve that would need some financial help towards an idea I’ve had for a while now which children like Kimberley & also with more severe needs would really benefit from.