3rd place

Group Ten

Heather Schofield

I am a highly driven woman who loves to pay it forward in life. I'm your typical girl next door with an extra dash of sass thrown in the mix

Why would you like to win?

I would love to win the Maxim Cover girl contest as I've always been known as being more of a sporty tom boy type female and would love for the world to see me for what I am , a highly driven alpha female who has a feminine side and a kick ass attitude of graduate to boot!

What would you do with the money if you win?

If I won the Maxim Cover girl contest I would use the money to take my mum and dad To visit New York at Christmas as it's always been their dream to go and I would love to be able to help them achieve that dream. With the remainder of the winnings I would put down a deposit on my first own home.