2nd place

Group Five

Leigh Hutchinson

Im all about inspiring all generations, I'm out going, never afraid of a challenge, hard working; Confident, adventurous and playful.

Why would you like to win?

Maxim is a magazine that shows a woman's beauty, shape and strengths at their best. Just like Victoria secret and Sports illustrator; Maxim for me as a model has been empowering, confidence inspiring and a brand I've aspired and longed to be involved in. To show strength as a mixed race model trying to make her way and inspire along the journey is my goal; to shoot for maxim who has worked with a number of amazing models would add to my motto of 'Never give up and work hard for your Dream!'

What would you do with the money if you win?

If i won; id use the money to continue modelling, arranging and travelling to different shoots and locations with Maxim and other photographers, here in the UK and across the world. Modelling is my passion, drive and love and is all i long to do day in and day out. Its my dream and i wish to live it so i'll make everyday count! PLUS it would be kwel to be the first model with baby curls afro to grace the covers.